NISHIKOI Health medium pellet 1555g



Nishikoi Health is a high quality feed for Koi and other pond fish. From time-to-time all fish become stressed for various reasons including extreme water temperature fluctuations, poor water quality, parasitic and bacterial infections and by simply being moved from one pond to another.

As the fishes stress rises their immune system falls but extensive research shows that the ingredients used in Nishikoi Health can support the overall health and natural balance of Koi fish.

It has reduced levels of protein and fat to aid fish at anytime of the year, making this food a perfect choice in preparing your fish for winter and again in the spring after the hard winter months.

  • Organic acids to improve digestion.

  • Prebiotic inulin – a polysaccharide with prebiotic characteristics.

  • Garlic containing Allicine.

  • Positive micro flora essential for intestinal balance.

  • Beta Glugans aids natural resistance.