This is the Smart Video player, You will notice there is no buffering, much faster playback and more importantly no way of them clicking away from your site to youtube. When your competitor's videos end they show other related videos from youtube not only is that not pro they WILL lose people who click on other videos and get distracted by one of their competitors.

This is called customer leakage and just imagine you lose ONE customer who ends up putting in big orders with a competitor it is just not worth the risk.

In addition, once the video has been played once it will not use your website resources for playing but instead be served/played from the smart player cloud better for your website and better for clients as the server nearest to them will be used.

Of course, this is a pro video player and service. If you bought this yourself it would cost you $29 EVERY month (Check it out their pricing here)

Now stop panicking I can give it to you free I bought a monster package from them when they launched.

All you will need to do is upgrade the hosting account for Clarkes Koi to a business hosting account. Basically £15.99 a month (that is mates rates my other clients pay £21.99 a month for ecommerce hosting.)

PS. Watch the video lol

This is not compulsory you can of course just plonk youtube videos on there but you will still need to upgrade the hosting account once we have the e-commerce live so it's not going to cost you any extra.